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fall $emester

IMG_1288.JPGThis might’ve been my fave *throw something on for class* look! Very simple, yet cute -What inspired this look?

The weather is definitely breaking out in Atlanta so I wanted to go with a fall type of look. I tried to go for a Yeezy, chic look. I actually told myself that morning that I was going to have a good day. I was in the best mood. My outfit was indeed a reflection of how I felt.

Sweatshirt -Forever21 $15-$20 , Jeans- H&M $20, Fringe Booties- Forever21 $35


Classic Man.

Full time athlete and still finds time to dress photo shoot ready. 

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, forward for the Brooklyn Nets, is a guy who can catch a ladies eye despite the fact that’s he is 6 foot 7. From knowing him since I was a little kid, his style always reflected his personality. Not only does he look good in a uniform, but he definitely has good taste in clothing. from fitted suits to urban street wear.

You can purchase the whole left look from for inexpensive prices. The urban street wear consists of a graphic tee and ripped jeans that can be purchased at any store for cheap. Also with custom vans to finish the look at only $70 online or in-store.

IG:@r.hollisjefferson24 Twit: @RondaeHJ24

Benim Brazy


Thanx Brandi for letting me feature her on my blog. She’s also a fashion blogger. This is a denim look from her that she posted on her blog. Denim on denim is a look that can accommodate any event, whether it’s class, social event, hookah lounge, or just a walk in the park. 

Brandi’s excerpt on shopping inexpensively:

Shopping inexpensively in college can be a hassle. One thing I always recommend to my fashionistas is thrifting and great discount stores like TJ Maxx. My Bebe bag was originally $100, but I got it for a steal at TJ Maxx for $40. I also thrifted this super cute over-sized denim shirt for $6. You can’t beat that. Remember it’s not about what you’re wearing, but how you make it look.


When you hear this name prepare for you day to be brightened. I’ve never met such a positive person ever. This may be my favorite look from Lex. SIMPLICITY. denim jumper, black long-sleeved turtle neck, black chucks.

SIMPLICITY– 1. the quality or condition of being easy to understand

2. the quality or condition of being plain or natural.

Simplicity can take you a long way. I would let that marinate.

Make sure to check out her blog:


black tights. black high knee boots from Just Fab. long black bubble coat. black “model” tee from Forever 21.

So, today was a rainy day. Being the first week of classes, you can’t dress bummy lol. Who wants to get dressed up in the rain though? All black was definitely my mood yesterday. This “model” tee is my favorite shirt. I feel like it was made for me. The vibe it adds with the all black chill look is just….. bomb. Also, people know I am a model so it’s like Forever 21 knew I was coming to buy this shirt. Oh yeah, shout out to Sprinkles at Lenox Mall. My first time having it and it is mouth watering.



denim shirt from H&M. denim jeans from AERO. #judgeyamom. Fur vest from H&M. Rihanna Creepers by PUMA. Bag from Forever 21.

This day was one color day. Usually, I would go with all olive green, but I decided to change it up. Denim on Denim seemed like a great way to start the first day of classes off with… I added the vest for a little pop, plus it was cold asf in ATL this day.

Sweetest girl.


I live for outfits like this. Its the little things. The Grey bottoms and top creates that neutral tone with the tan jacket. The different textures makes the outfit pop. and all hail to the YEEZY boots. my favorite. whoever she is, her fit is raw asf.


Jimmy Neutch

WCW goes to Teyana Taylor ❤ Teyana is such a goddess. Her style is definitely dope and she’s very creative when it comes to fashion. She rocked her baby bump so well during her pregnancy. Congrats on Baby Junie!



Sneakers from Footlocker. shirt/pants from H&M.

RyBanks. Known for his custom sneakers. Ry is booming on social networls. His talent & artistry is out of this world. Be sure to hit him up for customs! He flamesssss Twitter & IG: rybvnks


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