I get so many dms from different people asking me how did I become a model and get to where I am? So here’s how it all happened…..

Ever since maybe middle school, I was a tomboy. I never got my nails done, wasn’t into all the girly stuff really, a tad bit, but not like now. I played different sports and was really rough. In high school, I played basketball<yes I sucked, but I was iight> but I had suffered a very bad concussion that through everything off. I wasn’t doing well in school and I stopped playing sports. Eventually once I recovered and was able to be active, I just didn’t feel like my athletic ability was still there so I started modeling.

People always told me I should try it, but I never thought about it til then. I found a local designer to work with and started doing lots, and lots, and lots of fashion shows, meeting and networking with different people. <NETWORKING IS KEY> That, then, led me to New York Fashion Week twice! NYFW led to an invite to Paris Fashion Week.<didn’t end up going>

I stopped doing runway and started trying print/commercial shoots. I did a casting for Vixated Salon in Wilmington, DE for a beauty expo that featured many celebrity hairstylist and Blac Chyna as special guest. That experience opened many doors for me. Since then, I’ve been a hair model for celebrity hairstylist CliffVmir.

I’ve been working with Cliff since I was in high school, and we not only have a business relationship, but we are friends. We’ve done the Bronner Bros. hair convention twice a year for about 3-4 years now. We’ve done different hair photoshoots, promotion videos, etc. Modeling for a brand will definitely get your face out there. I’ve seen my pictures all over social media, pinterest, fake hair pages, you name it! And YES, it has helped me with branding my own self, gaining my own followers, and helping me find my purpose.

Other doors have opened for me, such as: being in music videos with T.I., becoming a brand ambassador for different businesses, becoming an entrepreneur myself, and many other blessings!

I want every person out there that is pursuing a dream to know that with time, patience, and prayer your dreams can become your reality. Nothing happens overnight! <Beyonce didn’t become BEYONCE overnight> Surround yourself with people who believe in you, motivate you, and help you become a better you. Most importantly, if you don’t believe in yourself, who will believe in you?