In this generation that we live in, society plays a big role in judging people’s life. One socialite that many are familiar with is India Love, social media’s daring hot body sweetheart. Not everybody is perfect, and India has received harsh comments and reactions from social media for just simply being herself, “not being perfect”. It’s really a shame that one can’t live her own life without being judged. 1. We’re all young 2. We all love, fall out of love, and find new happiness
I personally love India because she’s herself! She had tough times dealing with hatred from people all over the world, and I’m sure we all have dealt with something similar. Instead of bringing somebody down, let’s try uplifting one another. 

Besides all that, India also expresses herself through her fashion sense. Always breaking instagram with crazy, cute outfits that some may or may not love. But at the end of the day she’s HERSELF.