‘Tis the season in New York!

This is my best go-to look I ever just came up with…

So, I went to New York for a few days with my friend.. and we attended the Nets vs Bucks game. Usually, I would just throw on some sneakers with fitted dress lol, but I thought like..we’re in NYC, lets get cute! Olive is my favorite color so I had no choice but to throw that on, I hate wearing heels out to a game, but I didn’t wanna wear sneakers so I figured some thigh highs was my best bet. I got so many compliments on my outfit that day, NYPD was even tryna bag me…. 😉

shirt: Grizzly Grind Apparel (got asked to wear)

skirt: FOREVER 21 $15

boots: Lola Shoetique $50

camo fleece/throw on: FOREVER 21 $22

bag: boutique in Atlanta, I forget the name $50-75

You can seriously purchase this whole look for under $150 or even cheaper at select stores.