Model 101

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I’ve received a lot of direct messages overtime about how I got into modeling and the ins-and-outs of modeling. I haven’t had much time this semester to really do this blog, but now here we are…. ❤
1. Different Types of Modeling
People think that modeling is just modeling…NO! Modeling is categorized as Editorial, Runway, Commercial, Print, Petite, Plus-Size, Child, Swimsuit/Lingerie, Fitness, and Promotional (A lot I know). Editorial, Runway, Commercial, and Promotional are more of the familiar types of modeling.
• Editorial – High end fashion models who are typically seen in fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar. Editorial models are also seen modeling with high end fashion designers such as Giorgio Armani and Prada.
• Runway – Runway models are definitely what people may call the “typical” models. Being that runway models are sought to fit any and everything a designer puts them in. Designers hire models to fit the clothes they have made for their collections, they don’t make the clothes to fit the models.
• Commercial – Pretty self-explanatory….Any age, any height, and any size! Commercial models typically do everything that is not normally associated with high-fashion, such as ads, etc.
• Promotional – “WHAT ARE INSTAGRAM MODELS?” Promotional models are booked to promote products or services, whether it’s on social media or at conventions. Promotional models can also be described as a “brand ambassador”.

One thing I will say is that research is a good resource in life. Research and figure out what it is that you really want to do. Some people get into modeling not knowing what direction they want to go towards.

2. Invest In Yourself
The biggest investment you will make is in yourself! Whether it’s investing more time into your craft, investing money into booking photographers and travel, or investing in learning and developing new techniques. When you’re willing to take that leap and invest in yourself, you will be rewarded. Set goals for yourself, honor your intuition, invest in building your confidence, attend seminars and workshops to gain more knowledge, and choose to be happy!


Network is Net Worth….
Stay tuned for part 2!






Ever get stuck between deciding on to be a Tomboy v. a Girly Girl? WELCOME TO MY LIFE. I’ve always known what type of style I was into to… I just didn’t really know how to classify it. In high school, I was gutter gutter, sweats on, tomboy to the fullest. Once I started modeling and got introduced to “getting your hair done”, everything changed. I was dressing up, getting a new hairstyle every 2 week, I even started getting my eyebrows waxed.

I’ve never really felt like the girly girl type deep down inside. It was something swaggy and wavy about me that I just felt I was not expressing to it’s full potential. With the help of my spirit animals…. Teyana Taylor, Rihanna, and SZA, I was able to channel my inner self and am now able to be who I was destined to be… wavy baby.  Wavy baby is a vibe. It’s my style. I like to describe it as a mixture of tomboy/girly, with creativity. I love sneakers, I love graphic tees(thrift thrift thrift), and I love a bold statement piece. The image basically is a fair description of what a wavy baby fit can look like…cozy, dope, but simple, with a fire jacket and some bomb a** braidssssss.

Moral of it all is, BE YOU. Don’t feel like you have to fit in with society to be accepted. If you want to wear something that someone think is ugly, still wear it and own it. If it’s not one thing I learned in the modeling business, is that you never let the clothes wear you, YOU WEAR THE CLOTHES!!


  • graphic tee – thrift store $12
  • pants – aeropostale $15
  • socks – footaction $15
  • jacket- prettylittlething $50
  • shoes – footlocker $40-50