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Runway.Qualities is a personal blog created by Kendra, a young model from Baltimore, MD. It focuses on the basics of runway and creating edgy looks all while empowering women. Make sure to show Ken and her blog some love. Follow on insta @callherken and @runway.qualities

Ken’s outfit: hat-Pink, fur- Missguided, dress- American Apparel, bag- T.J Maxx! Outfit can be purchased under $100 ❤



 Earlier this morning my cousin made me realize that in order to succeed in life, being consistent with your craft is key! INVEST IN YOURSELF INVEST IN YOURSELF!!! After my photoshoot today I flicked it up and I threw on any clothes that was in my set bag, not realizing how cute it would be. This whole look can be purchased for under $150!

Shirt: Forever21 $15

Bottoms: Forever21 SALE $5

Shoes: Vans $60

Jean Jacket: Forever21 $40

Jeremiah 29:11

In this generation that we live in, society plays a big role in judging people’s life. One socialite that many are familiar with is India Love, social media’s daring hot body sweetheart. Not everybody is perfect, and India has received harsh comments and reactions from social media for just simply being herself, “not being perfect”. It’s really a shame that one can’t live her own life without being judged. 1. We’re all young 2. We all love, fall out of love, and find new happiness
I personally love India because she’s herself! She had tough times dealing with hatred from people all over the world, and I’m sure we all have dealt with something similar. Instead of bringing somebody down, let’s try uplifting one another. 

Besides all that, India also expresses herself through her fashion sense. Always breaking instagram with crazy, cute outfits that some may or may not love. But at the end of the day she’s HERSELF. 

Niks. skiN.


When I was younger I suffered from bad acne and sensitive skin breakouts. I never really knew too much about healthy skin rituals. I drank soda, ate candy, and barely drank water. As time went on and I matured, I realized that problematic skin was not CUTE!. I switched my diet up and started using an everyday facial cleanser, as well exfoliating every sunday and using a dry to oily skin mask. My face isn’t the best, but it definitely is more healthy and clear!

Everyday facial cleanser: Cetaphil, maybe like $5-6

Exfoliate: Clean & Clear morning burst facial scrub, $7

Mask: LUSH Herbalism face + body cleanser

Saturday Night

 This is by far one of my fav looks 😍 I got this 2 piece set from @goddessjuan on instagram! Her designs are amazing & fit the body like a glove. You can check out more from her Goddess collection by visiting her profile for further info…. 

this outfit can work for date night with bae, night out with girls, or even just something comfy to wear around the house…the knitted set is very warm and cozy and inexpensive!

Purchase this look for only $60 

would you risk it all?

So today I did a photoshoot for my friends brand “Risk Equals Reward” and the only thing I’ll say is stay tuned 👀 they definitely have big things going for their brand. #REQLR has products from custom dad hats and custom hoodies. More is to come 🙏🏽 #SecureTheBag 

  • @ffreshprince @reqlr on Instagram 

December 1st.

‘Tis the season in New York!

This is my best go-to look I ever just came up with…

So, I went to New York for a few days with my friend.. and we attended the Nets vs Bucks game. Usually, I would just throw on some sneakers with fitted dress lol, but I thought like..we’re in NYC, lets get cute! Olive is my favorite color so I had no choice but to throw that on, I hate wearing heels out to a game, but I didn’t wanna wear sneakers so I figured some thigh highs was my best bet. I got so many compliments on my outfit that day, NYPD was even tryna bag me…. 😉

shirt: Grizzly Grind Apparel (got asked to wear)

skirt: FOREVER 21 $15

boots: Lola Shoetique $50

camo fleece/throw on: FOREVER 21 $22

bag: boutique in Atlanta, I forget the name $50-75

You can seriously purchase this whole look for under $150 or even cheaper at select stores. 

fall $emester

IMG_1288.JPGThis might’ve been my fave *throw something on for class* look! Very simple, yet cute -What inspired this look?

The weather is definitely breaking out in Atlanta so I wanted to go with a fall type of look. I tried to go for a Yeezy, chic look. I actually told myself that morning that I was going to have a good day. I was in the best mood. My outfit was indeed a reflection of how I felt.

Sweatshirt -Forever21 $15-$20 , Jeans- H&M $20, Fringe Booties- Forever21 $35

Classic Man.

Full time athlete and still finds time to dress photo shoot ready. 

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, forward for the Brooklyn Nets, is a guy who can catch a ladies eye despite the fact that’s he is 6 foot 7. From knowing him since I was a little kid, his style always reflected his personality. Not only does he look good in a uniform, but he definitely has good taste in clothing. from fitted suits to urban street wear.

You can purchase the whole left look from for inexpensive prices. The urban street wear consists of a graphic tee and ripped jeans that can be purchased at any store for cheap. Also with custom vans to finish the look at only $70 online or in-store.

IG:@r.hollisjefferson24 Twit: @RondaeHJ24

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